• Developed a storyline to launch the e-commerce platform of a major appliance store and introduce their new brand ambassador
• Managed the print shoot and video shoot for the library of creative assets that will be used to produce content for the brand
Video ad launching Abenson’s e-commerce platform and introducing their new brand ambassador, Anne Curtis.
My task was to develop a storyline that highlighted the variety of products and gadgets of every price points that are available at Abenson’s appliance store. Aside from storyboarding and managing the video shoot of the maid video ad, part of my task was to manage the print and video shoot in the development of a library of creative assets that the brand will use. Our time had to work under extraordinary constraints as production occurred during the pandemic. I and along with other key stakeholders, worked remotely to produce the video.  
Below is a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot and some of the creative assets I produced for the brand.

Main material I designed for the e-commerce launch.This was released as a billboard and online headers for the brand’s social media properties.

Below are some of the content developed using the photos of the brand ambassador that I art directed.

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